From Xs and Os to Ones and Zeros. The Digital Playbook® App for the iPad® is the premiere application for transitioning print-based playbooks to a digital medium. Specifically designed for professional sports teams in the NFL and other professional sports leagues, our custom App helps teams compete at a higher level.

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Pictured above (L to R): Digital Playbook's Whiteboard and Playing Field™ and the App's Playbook Reader and Annotator.

Touchdowns & Touchscreens

Digital Playbooks specializes in iPad and iPhone app development for professional sports teams around the country. Extensive design research over this past season has led to the launch of DigitalPlaybook™ v1.0 , our first tablet-based app for Apple's iPad® and iOS platform.

Digital Playbooks began as a small start-up specializing in brand design and digital sports marketing for professional and collegiate sports teams around the country. Pictured above: Digital Playbook's Login Panel and Locker Room™ where teams store playbooks and weekly game plans.

Our interactive design team developed the DigitalPlaybook™ App for the iPad® after having been contacted by a leading professional NFL sports team interested in converting its print-based playbooks to a digital medium. Subsequent research and consulting led us to develop our enterprise-level app for the iPad®, serving the needs of all professional and collegiate sports teams.

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Sports teams can eliminate wasteful printing and paper costs by 80%. It is estimated that the typical NFL team uses 5000 pages each week on printed gameplans. The Digital Playbook® App encapsulates a team's daily operations in one location, literally at the fingertips of players and coaches.


Secure, fast and fluid, the Digital Playbook® App for the iPad® allows players and coaches to study and share playbooks, photos, events and videos. Access team files remotely from a Cloud-based server, manage user permissions & digital assets from one web service and stay on top of team activities.


Custom application development along with 120+ iPads can cost a sports team approximately $100K. With Digital Playbook®, teams benefit from a significant cost-savings. Even with customization, licensing fees for a team are a mere fraction of what it costs to build a custom application from scratch. Save money (and trees).

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